Highway and Transportation Engineering

Highway and Transportation engineering encompasses the provision of efficient, convenient and effective modes of transportation that are safe and economical; designed to meet the needs of the public and the transportation sector.

Lidwala’s highway and transportation team provides a comprehensive range of road-design and transportation related engineering services; fulfilling appointments for all three tiers of Government -National, Provincial/Regional and Local as well as a large number of Private-sector and Parastatal clients. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with specialist solutions and related work that is of the highest quality. We have successfully completed numerous projects to the value of billions on International, National and Provincial roads, including interchanges
and major-link routes.


  • Feasibility studies
  • Geometric design
  • Pavement and materials engineering
  • Planning of National, Provincial, Metropolitan urban and rural roads
  • Design and rehabilitation of freeways and interchanges
  • Design and rehabilitation of rural and urban single and dual carriageways
  • Traffic and transportation studies
  • Labour-based construction methods
  • Unpaved roads and streets
  • Pavement and Road Asset Management Systems
  • Commercial development parking areas and storm water management design

Key Projects:

  • Rehabilitation of Road P28/4 from Mafikeng to Lichtenburg Phase 2
  • D4407/D4416 Hluvukani to Timbavati Road
  • Upgrade Road D281, Volksrust to Daggakraal
  • Rehabilitation of Road P17/6
  • Upgrade of Road P50/1: Ermelo and Morgenzon
  • Upgrading 45km road from Kibondo to Mabamba, Tanzania
  • Makopane – to Ga-Mashashane Phase 1
  • Rehabilitation of Road R35 between Amersfoort and Morgenzon
  • Reseal of Road R33 Section 8 and 9
  • Rehabilitation of Road D623 Swartdam to Makapanstad
  • Upgrade of road from Luangwa to Chipata, Zambia
  • Detailed design and reconstruction of a 45km road on M006, Luanshya-Fisenge-Masangano Road, Zambia
  • Reseal of N12 Section 19 and 20
  • Engineering Design and Supervision of the Upgrading of Road P77-1

Water and Sanitation Engineering

Lidwala provides clients with specialist solutions from planning, design, implementation management and commissioning of water and waste water projects; ensuring effective, equitable and efficient water-use.

Fresh water is recognised as a key national supply resource as it is an indispensable finite resource that must be protected and carefully managed for current and future generations to come. Population increase is associated with the decline in water quality and per person availability. This realisation has enormous social, economic and environmental implications and provides a driving force to develop innovating and equitable ways of adapting to the inevitable scarcity. Our water and sanitation team provides our clients with a full range of water-related infrastructure solutions.


  • Feasibility studies and engineering investigations
  • Water purification and sewage treatment
  • Rising mains
  • Bulk pipelines
  • Pump stations
  • Outfall sewers
  • Storage facilities
  • Distribution modelling and analysis
  • Water demand management
  • Water master-planning
  • Trenchless technologies
  • Turnkey projects
  • Site supervision and project management

Key Projects:

  • Design and Construction of Bulk Water Pipe C18 Rand Water
  • Design and Construction of Bulk Water Pipe L6 Rand Water
  • Design and Construction of Bulk Water Pipe G23 Rand Water
  • Design and Construction of Bulk Water Pipe G20 Rand Water
  • Design and Construction of Bulk Water Pipe G17 Rand Water
  • Design and Construction of Bulk Water Pipe H5 Rand Water
  • Alexandra Water Infrastructure Upgrade and Renewal Project
  • Replacement of a Failed Bulk Water 600mm Steel Pipeline in Alexandra
  • Refurbishment of Hardap Dam
  • Design and Construction of Additional 5ML Reservoir in Bloemhof
  • Soweto Infrastructure Upgrade and Rehabilitation
  • Refurbishment and Expansion of the Bloemhof Water Treatment Works from  14ML/D to 24.4ML/D
  • Refurbishment and Expansion of the Raw Water Abstraction Point at the Bloemhof Dam
  • Design and Tender documentation of F47 Pipeline form Weltervreden to Cosmo City
  • The Construction of Nkonjaneni Waterborne Sewer in Piet Retief
  • Pilgrim’s Rest Sewerage works
  • Glen Alpine Water supply feasibility study
  • Feasibility study and construction of combined schools and hostels, Aussenkehr, Karas region, Namibia

Structural Engineering

Lidwala’s Structures and Bridges discipline provides clients with professional, innovative and creative solutions in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors of the construction industry.

Specialist knowledge, professionalism and our creative, innovative approach ensures the provision of a superior service to our clients. The structural engineering team has established a firm reputation for quality and efficiency; working closely with our clients to achieve optimal and innovative solutions in the built environment.


  • Conceptual design
  • Structural concrete design
  • Structural steel design
  • Building services
  • Bridges and Bridge Condition Inspections
  • Bridge Management Systems (BMS)
  • Structures for infrastructure development, reservoirs and pump stations

Key Project

  • Structural Engineering, Design and Supervision of Kings School West Rand
  • Design and Construction Supervision of Diepsloot Shopping Mall
  • Detailed Structural, Electrical and Wet Services Design and Construction Supervision of Hope Street Building
  • Construction Supervision of the Komati River Bridge on Road D2952
  • Reconstruction of a Failed Culvert on Road P168-1
  • New multi-story townhouse complex, Chancliff Ridge
  • Masibekela – Sibange Bridge over Komati River
  • Forensic mortuaries in Mpumalanga
  • Clau- Clau river bridge
  • Salvokop Ext 4, 30Ml reservoir
  • Welgedacht, 7.5Ml reservoir

Turnkey Projects

Seamless integration of the entire project life cycle from early stage concept through design, procurement, construction and operation is key to the management of risk associated with new ventures.

Seamless integration of the entire project life cycle from early stage concept through design, procurement, construction and operation is key to the management of risk associated with new ventures. Our dedicated turnkey projects team ensures that multiple elements are integrated to deliver strategic objectives and benefits, whether projects are executed on a turnkey or EPCM basis for our clients. The team is equipped to take complex projects in various sectors through multiple development stages – from pre-feasibility to design, procurement, construction as well as operational stages. We engage Turnkey Projects in any one of three different models:

  1. PPP – Public Private Partnerships where we share risk for deployment and/or operation of projects between Lidwala and Government.
  2. Turnkey – We assume end-to-end responsibility for designing, deployment and commissioning of a project on behalf of a client.
  3. Project Owners – Lidwala owns the project and assumes full responsibility for design, financing, deployment and operation of a project over an extended period for the delivery of a service.


  • Programme management
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM)
  • Financial modelling
  • Pre-feasibility and bankable feasibility studies
  • Capital raising
  • Consortium structuring
  • Advanced contracting
  • Public – Private Partnerships (PPP)


Lidwala’s renewable energy team has the capability to develop, design, finance, build and operate utility scale solar and other renewable energy technology projects.

We are proud to partnered with the best technology providers and EPC contractors in the world for the construction of our projects.





Key Projects:


  Description Technology Partner
Vangpan 40MW, Limpopo, South Africa Vangpan is a 40MW Solar PV project located in Lepalale, Limpopo Province, South Africa. The project is part of the REIPP program in South Africa and was awarded bid compliance in REIPP Bid Window 3, 2012.


Singida 50MW+50MW, Tanzania   Singida is the most viable solar and wind resource location in central Tanzania. The Singida project is a 100MW solar PV / Wind combination project with solar and wind each contributing 50MW of the power.

TBEA, GoldWind

Ha Mostumi 50MW, Lesotho   The 50MW Ha Mostumi solar PV project in Lesotho is located on the Motsumi plateau on tribal land. The project is done in partnership with the local community who provide the land, participate in the project and provide ongoing services.


Moamba Phase I 50MW, Mozambique   Moamba Phase I is the launch site of the Mozambique government’s large scale deployment of solar renewable energy installations in Mozambique. The site will have an installed capacity of 50MW with an eventual planned capacity of 500MW.Additional Phase I projects of 50MW capacity each are currently underway in Inhambane, Mapai, Xai-Xai and Nampula.


Partner Projects


Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park, Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan  
Datang 20MW, Golmud,Qinghai, China  
CP 120MW, Hotan, Xinjiang, China  
Hina Aksu 20MW Xinjiang County, China  
CGN Hamilton 20MW, USA  
CPI 30MW PV & Wind EPC project in Taiyangshan, Ningxia ,China  
49.5MW project of Laojunmiao wind farm Phase I in Mulei ,China  
100MW-class large on-grid wind-solar complementary station Phase I (50MW+50MWp), China  






Civil Infrastructure Engineering

Lidwala provides clients with relevant technical experience in civil infrastructure engineering that has been acquired over many years. Our expertise includes the following infrastructure categories: residential, commercial, industrial, social, recreational and agricultural land-use.

Correctly planned land-development provides a firm foundation for urban communities alike to live, work and play in a safe and functional environment. This facilitates social stability and economic sustainability within communities. Our team is managed by seasoned professionals, with in-depth technical expertise, who are passionate about providing creative and innovative solutions for infrastructure.


  • Feasibility studies and engineering investigations
  • Bulk services capacity analysis
  • Township layout master-planning
  • Development management
  • Civil infrastructure design, project commissioning and close-out
  • Stormwater and attenuation management systems
  • Low-cost housing developments
  • Labour based construction methods
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Site rehabilitation and landscaping
  • Commercial development
  • Turnkey projects
  • Site supervision and project management

Key Projects:

  • Salvokop Ext 4, provision of civil infrastructure
  • Enkangala Hailstorm Damaged Houses, for Gauteng Department of Human Settlement
  • Steelport Township development
  • Pudiakgupa Community Clinic
  • Toitskraal Community Clinic
  • Accelerated Schools Infrastructure Development Initiative
  • Construction of Vaal De Grace Golf Estate
  • Construction of Cedar Creek Gatehouse and Clubhouse
  • Civil and Structural engineering for the establishment of Ontananga School Hostels
  • Civil and Structural engineering for the establishment of Onkumbula School Hostels
  • Structural Design of Mini Factories at Stormill Extension 9
  • Design of the Civil Engineering Infrastructure of the Country Village at Verkykerskop
  • Payneville Ext 1, RDP housing development
  • 2010 FIFA World Cup Ka-Nyamazane Stadium upgrade
  • Steelport Township development
  • Pudiakgupa Community Clinic

Environmental Planning Services

Lidwala provides environmental planning and management services that are in accordance with the integrated environmental management procedures and the environmental impact assessment regulations.

Lidwala’s EPS team have an impressive track-record from a wide range of projects. The team’s approach builds on individual experience in conducting Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) and preparing Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) that comply with the relevant country’s legislative requirements. Each member of the EPS team has a field of speciality that contributes to the team’s versatility, cost effective project approach and compilation of proposals. These fields of speciality include vegetation, ecology, wetlands, Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA), Visual Impact Assessment (VIA), Social Impact Assessment (SIA) and Public Participation.


  • Environmental reporting and authorisation
  • Environmental management services and systems, monitoring and control
  • Strategic environmental planning
  • Biophysical analyses, vegetation studies, rehabilitation and herbicide application
  • Environmental training and social development
  • Spatial development and planning services
  • Mining-related environmental work such as closure planning
  • Mining environmental management programme reports (EMPR’s)
  • Social and Labour plans (SLP)
  • Prospecting and mining applications
  • Environmental compliance monitoring

Key Projects:

  • N11 Route: Environmental Impact Assessment
  • BRC Diamondcore: Environmental Management System
  • Tutuka Power Station: Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Sishen Iron Ore Mine: Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Hendrina Power Station: Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed Kalbasfontein Expansion Project
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for the new Weskusfleur Substation
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed 500mw Solar Park
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for the development of new universities in Mpumalanga
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for CEF Solar Park in Prieska
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Busbar reconfiguration, Koeberg 400 kV
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Waste Licence Application for the extension of the Ash dams at Hendrina Power station

Project Management & Specialist Advice

Lidwala’s projects discipline applies world class project management methodology to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget, whilst meeting the standards of quality expected by our clients.

The consistent and diligent application of world class project management methodology is the cornerstone of project success. Our effective project management disciplines throughout the project management life cycle. Commitment to their profession and attention to detail allows our project managers to deliver multi-disciplinary projects on time and within budget, to the satisfaction of our clients.


  • Engineering procurement construction and management
  • Design and construct
  • Turnkey delivery
  • Programme management
  • Property development
  • Management support
  • Public private partnerships and tolling concessions
  • Strategic procurement Strategic procurement
  • Labour-based construction Labour-based construction
  • Contractor development

Key Projects:

  • Management Support: Sekhukhune District Municipality, MISA
  • Management Support: Amathole District Municipality, MISA
  • Ekurhuleni Large Consumer Water  Meters
  • Ekurhuleni Small Consumer Water Meters
  • Turnkey project for design and construction of The Rand Water Bottling Plant
  • Management of Capital Expenditure Programme
  • Feasibility study and business plan review of community projects
  • Planning and implementation of IT infrastructure upgrades
  • Modderfontein RDP Development Programme

SMIS (Spatial Management Information Systems)(GIS)

Lidwala’s GIS discipline specialises in the integration of spatial information systems with traditional information technology. Lidwala develops desktop and web-based GIS solutions that are informative and easy to use.

GIS technology unlocks the full potential of data by leveraging the power of maps and spatial analysis. This provides unparalleled insight into different facets of data that were previously unseen, converting raw data into valuable information. GIS can empower organisations through detailed knowledge about their assets and workflows, helping them solve problems, increase productivity and stay competitive.
At Lidwala, our GIS team develops dynamic GIS solutions with applications in various sectors of industry, including, civil and structural engineering (such as asset and utilities management), town planning, environmental management (such as feasibility studies, spatial analysis and sensitivity mapping) and the geographical information industry itself.


  • GIS programming, solutions design and implementation
  • Spatial database design, programming and maintenance (PostGIS, Spatialite, MySql, MS
    SQL, Oracle and ArcGIS SDE)
  • Web-based GIS development and deployment (Geoserver, ArcGIS Server, Mapserver,
    Mapguide, GeoDjango)
  • GIS hosting and virtualised GIS server setup (VMware, KVM, OpenVZ, Microsoft HyperV
    and Xen)
  • Facilities and asset management solutions
  • Mobile GIS and data capture solutions
  • Design and maintenance of corporate GIS databases
  • Distributed document management systems integrated with GIS • Spatial analysis (vector and raster)
  • Gap analysis
  • Spatial data cleaning, maintenance and data migration
  • General cartography and customised mapping
  • Differential GPS survey and GPS data analysis
  • Utilities mapping and route analysis
  • GIS Support, systems documentation and user-training
  • GIS and spatial database design, development and deployment
  • Pavement Management System inhouse software development

Key Projects:

  • Pixley ka Keme District Municipality RRAMS
  • Development and Enhancement of the Zambia Highway Management System (HMS)
  • Mpumalanga Road Asset Management System
  • Gert Sibande Rural Road Asset Management System
  • Development of a Geographic Information System for TSB – Pongola
  • Wetland delineation project
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the Millenium Challenge Account – Namibia
  • Emalahleni Pavement Management Study
  • Conditions Assessment of Education Infrastructure in Nkangala Region
  • Works Order Management System