Water and Sanitation Engineering

Lidwala provides clients with specialist solutions from planning, design, implementation management and commissioning of water and waste water projects; ensuring effective, equitable and efficient water-use.

Fresh water is recognised as a key national supply resource as it is an indispensable finite resource that must be protected and carefully managed for current and future generations to come. Population increase is associated with the decline in water quality and per person availability. This realisation has enormous social, economic and environmental implications and provides a driving force to develop innovating and equitable ways of adapting to the inevitable scarcity. Our water and sanitation team provides our clients with a full range of water-related infrastructure solutions.


  • Feasibility studies and engineering investigations
  • Water purification and sewage treatment
  • Rising mains
  • Bulk pipelines
  • Pump stations
  • Outfall sewers
  • Storage facilities
  • Distribution modelling and analysis
  • Water demand management
  • Water master-planning
  • Trenchless technologies
  • Turnkey projects
  • Site supervision and project management

´┐╝Key Projects:

  • Refurbishment of Hardap Dam
  • Soweto Infrastructure Upgrade and Rehabilitation
  • Upgrading of Sewers in Alexandra Township
  • Refurbishment and Expansion of the Raw Water Abstraction Point at the Bloemhof Dam
  • Design and Tender documentation of F47 Pipeline
  • Refurbishment and Expansion of the Bloemhof Water Treatment Works
  • The Construction of Nkonjaneni Waterborne Sewer in Piet Retief
  • Phumlani Bulk water supply
  • Pilgrim’s Rest Sewerage works
  • Glen Alpine Water supply feasibility study
  • Feasibility study and construction of combined schools and hostels, Aussenkehr, Karas region, Namibia