Mpumalanga Provincial Department of Education
Completion Date:
November 2011
Spatial Management Information Systems(SMIS)(GIS)

Conditions Assessment of Education Infrastructure in Nkangala Region


As part of the endeavours of the Mpumalanga Provincial Department of Education for the improvement of the condition of schools, an audit of 572 schools in the Nkangala Region was undertaken. The audit was implemented by a task team with technical expertise in the built environment, including civil, structural and electrical engineering.


The project involved an assessment of National Education Information Management Systems (NEIMS) forms, assessment of the conditions and quality of furniture as well as updating the NEIMS data with information captured using Mobile devices.

Forms were designed to be used on these mobile devices (tablets) for in-field assessment and verification including a script to import the downloaded data and automatically fill the appropriate cells in Microsoft Excel forms. A script was also developed to import all pictures taken during the assessments into a Word document for easy printing of reports.

The captured data were then used to write reports on required repairs, renovations, upgrades and new facilities.

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