Masingita Trust
Completion Date:
January 2008
Structural Engineering

Design and Construction Supervision Of Diepsloot Shopping Mall


Diepsloot Shopping Mall is situated along William Nicol Drive, Diepsloot. The mall was constructed to provide shopping amenities for the residents of Diepsloot. The construction of the mall generated numerous employment opportunities, not only during construction but also in the long term.


Lidwala’s participation in the project entailed the design of the terrace, stormwater attenuation facilities and the structural steel frame of the building. Design of the access roadways and the upgrading of the intersection to William Nicol Drive, were also included.

The project had to be completed in a very short period of time which created the risk of error and the timing did not allow for repeat designs. Dedicated management of the design process and effective communication between the professional disciplines contributed significantly to the success of the project.

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