Ministry of Local Government and Housing - Zambia
Completion Date:
Highway and Transportation Engineering, Environmental Planning and Scientific Services

Design Review and Supervision of Chama Feeder Roads


The Ministry is charged with the administration of the local government system and ensuring that the people of Zambia are provided with the necessary municipal services. The upgrading of these feeder roads forms part of the execution of the Ministry’s mandate.


These roads are in rural areas and have not been maintained for a while. The following roads are included:

  • Chama (D105) to Chikwa (95km),
  • Chikwa to Mphamba (54 km),
  • Munyukwa – Kasela – Chifunda (53.2km),
  • Luwalizi to Chibale (40km)

Lidwala was responsible for the pavement design as well as the environmental impact assessment followed by supervision of the works related to the pavement design and environmental compliance.

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