Eskom SOC Ltd
Completion Date:
December 2015
Environmental Planning and Scientific Services

Tutuka Power Station: Environmental Impact Assessment


Tutuka Power Station envisaged the continuation of dry ash disposal on land which was purchased before the promulgation of the Environment Conservation Act (Act 107/1998). As part of its planning processes, Eskom developed designs which were approved internally. With the promulgation of the environmental laws, and the National Environmental Management Waste Act (Act 59 of 2008), Eskom had to align its continued ashing activities with the requirements of the waste licensing processes.


A Scoping Study and Environmental Impact Assessment was undertaken and an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) developed. The ash from the burned coal is waste and must be deposited close to the power station. It sterilises agricultural land and in this case another 800 hectares. The EIA looks at alternatives to decrease the negative impact on the environment.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was submitted to Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA). Alternative sites were identified during scoping phase and assessed and rated in the EIA phase. This process included 10 specialist studies.

Public participation process was conducted and the interested and affected parties notified and informed about what the project entailed. Open day meetings were held with communities around the area and stakeholders were engaged.

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