Millennium Challenge Account
Completion Date:
November 2014
Spatial Management Information Systems(SMIS)(GIS)

Monitoring and Evaluation of the Millennium Challenge Account – Namibia


The Republic of Namibia and the United States Government (via the Millennium Challenge Corporation) entered into a Compact in 2008 whereby an amount of $304.5 million was made available with the aim to reduce poverty by promoting sustainable economic growth. Three economic sectors viz. Education, Tourism and Agriculture were identified and targeted for this important endeavour.

The Millennium Challenge Account Namibia (MCAN) served as an implementation platform for the Compact, and provided project implementation, management and administrative services. In addition, the MCAN provided oversight and auditing of all activities; including monitoring and evaluating the progress of the various interventions and their impact on the targeted communities and economic sectors. This monitoring and evaluation (M&E) was critical in gauging insight into the overall programme success in terms of achieving the goals as set out in the Compact.


The project resulted in the development and implementation of a multi-user web-based Geographical Information System (GIS) whereby the story of the MCAN over the Compact period could be told. For this purpose the system focused on presenting and analysing results with reference to the web-based interface, providing a platform to assist in understanding the spatial extents and locations of the key indicators, the interactions with beneficiary groups and to assist in identifying trends.

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