South African National Road Agency (SANRAL) SOC Ltd
Completion Date:
October 2012
Environmental Planning and Scientific Services

N11 Route: Environmental Impact Assessment


Lidwala was requested to undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment along the N11 route from Middelburg to Loskop dam for the upgrade of the road and river crossings.
The survey and study covered all environmental aspects that could be impacted on by the future construction and maintenance of the road.


The environmental study included a detailed vegetation analysis, and wetland study as well as a protected tree study. A protected tree application was prepared and was submitted for approval. The wood from the trees had to be removed during the construction and made available for use by the local communities. Mitigation measures were proposed to be included in an Environmental Management Plan (EMP).
Public Participation was introduced to ensure that the local communities were involved throughout all the stages of the planning and construction phases.
A whole new approach was followed to identify all wetlands along the route. These wetlands were assessed and delineated. A wetland health assessment was performed to ensure that these natural systems were not affected after completion of the road project. This was important for the communities living in the area who relied on these areas for fresh water and other natural resources.

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