Mpumalanga Provincial Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport
Completion Date:
July 2013
Structural Engineering

Reconstruction of a failed Culvert on Road P168-1


In December 2012, the connection between the N17 and Lothair in the Mpumalanga Province was severely constraint due to the wash-away of a 3.0 m diameter ARMCO Pipe culvert following flooding.


Following full investigation of the failed culvert, a complete failure of this Armco culvert was indicated. As part of the investigation, the stability of the culvert was evaluated and most importantly, the corrosion of the Armco pipe was inspected and evaluated to determine if it had progressed to a stage where remedial action was required.

Further investigation of three other culverts on this road brought to light that a second 2.2m diameter Armco pipe had to be replaced and remedial measures at two other Armco culverts was also required. The remedial works were completed in a period four months and included the replacement of the culverts as well as lining the bottom of the culverts with concrete.

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