Namibia Water Corporation Ltd
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Water and Sanitation Engineering

Refurbishment of Hardap dam


Lidwala Engineering and Environmental Services has been appointed by Namibia Water Corporation Ltd as the Professional Service Provider (PSP) responsible for Engineering Consultancy Services for the maintenance refurbishment works at Hardap Dam.


The maintenance refurbishment works for the Hardap dam has been categorised into three distinctive specialist fields; Mechanical & Electrical, Asphalt (road and pavement engineering) and Corrosion Protection.

 The Mechanical/Electrical contract will do all refurbishment on valves, pipes, mechanical works, concrete repairs and electrical refurbishment.
 The asphalt contract will be responsible for the asphalt repair on the road and dam wall as well as the repair of the indentation on the dam wall.
 The corrosion protection contract will be responsible for the sand blasting and painting to the steel structures.

Each specialist field will have its own tender documentation and there will be three separate tender processes

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