Mpumalanga Provincial Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport
Completion Date:
February 2016
Highway and Transportation Engineering

Rehabilitation of Road P17/6 (R538)


P17/6 is a regional route in Mpumalanga used especially by tourists to reach the Kruger National Park via Nelspruit. The section of the road under construction starts at the intersection of the R40 in Hazyview.
The road is within a rural town with numerous taxis using the road. This created a high accident risk which was mitigated by the increased presence of traffic police and the provision of cleared areas next to the road, where required.


The aim of this project was to extend the structural life of the road by 20 years. The employer’s objectives during construction were to provide local enterprises and local labour with a substantial portion of the work. This was done through training in construction using labour intensive methods. After the training the labourers were employed as part of the contractor team.
The supervision team spent a substantial amount of time assisting the contractor with the planning of construction and in particular, the procurement of material and equipment.
The rehabilitation action on the road involved the following:
 In-situ reconstruction of existing base and subbase being 250mm deep.
 Modification of the existing base and subbase by adding G2 materials.
 Stabilisation of the new sub-base to C4 properties.
 Surfacing the new base with a 45mm asphalt with rolled in chippings.
 Geometric upgrade of major junctions and access management in built-up areas.
 Kerbing and channelling for erosion protection.
 Additional walkways in built-up areas.
 Ancillary road works to improve road safety.

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