Department: Public Works, Roads & Transport; North West Provincial Government
Completion Date:
Dec 2013
Highway and Transportation Engineering

Rehabilitation Of Road P28/4 From Mafikeng To Lichtenburg (Phase 2)


This route may be best described as a medium to heavily trafficked road, but strategically it is a collector between the towns of Lichtenburg and Mafikeng the capital of the North West Province.

Lidwala was appointed for the design and construction supervision for this project.


The proposed rehabilitation action in the road includes the following:

•Widening of the existing roadway by providing 3m wide surfaced shoulders on both sides of the road
•Geometric upgrading of all intersections
•In-situ reconstruction of the existing base and sub base layers.
•The In-situ layers will be stabilized with BSM Foam Bitumen (To TG2)
•Surfacing the new base with an A-E2 modified asphalt with rolled in chippings to add structural strength and resist rutting
•Improve drainage and lengthen all culverts
• Ancillary road works to improve road safety

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