South African National Road Agency (SANRAL) (SOC) Ltd
Completion Date:
April 2010
Highway and Transportation Engineering

Reseal Of National Road R33 Section 8 and 9


This route accommodates traffic between the N17 and N4 highways and forms part of the important coal haulage road network in the Mpumalanga Province.


The partial rehabilitation of the road was divided into two sections, i.e. N4 to Carolina and Carolina to the N11.

Selected sections of the road between N4 and Carolina were done by milling and replacing the base layer strengthened with a BSM foam. BSF foam has the same effect as cement stabilisation, except that it takes much longer for stabilisation cracks to form. The road was surfaced with an A-E2 modified asphalt with added structural strength and resistance to rutting. Other areas were surfaced with a 13.2 mm bitumen rubber single seal and a 19.0/6.7/6.7 mm.

Between Carolina and the N11, the road was milled and the base and sub-base, where required, were replaced, again using BSF foam. The construction of a new 40mm thick AE-L modified asphalt surfacing for added structured strength and rut resistance completed the rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation was done using half width construction techniques.

The full rehabilitation of the road also included:

 Construction of sub-soil drains.
 Construction of new concrete lined side drains in the cuttings.

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