Johannesburg Water SOC Ltd
Completion Date:
December 2015
Water and Sanitation Engineering

Soweto Infrastructure Upgrade and Rehabilitation


The objectives of Joburg Water relating to this project is:

 Reduction of water losses and unaccounted for water (UFW) in super-block 09, Soweto.
 Creation of an environment that is conducive to the payment for services rendered.
 Involvement of labour from the local project area.
 Involvement of local small, micro and medium size enterprises as contractors and suppliers for the greater Soweto area.


The technical objectives for this project will be met by:

 Upgrading of the secondary mains reticulation.
 Detection and repairing the secondary reticulation water leaks.
 Installation of bulk water meters.
 Provision of new water connections to individual properties and installation of pre-paid meters.
 Retrofitting plumbing within the houses.
 Discretisation of the reticulation into manageable size blocks in order to enable the maintenance and operations teams to effectively manage the area water reticulation.
 Decommissioning of secondary mains which were located in the mid-block and partial removal thereof.

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