Dr Ruth S Mompati District Municipality
Completion Date:
February 2016
Water and Sanitation Engineering

Refurbishment and Expansion of the Raw Water Abstraction Point At The Bloemhof Dam


The ultimate objective of the management of Dr Ruth S Mompati District Municipality relating to this project was to provide the population of the Bloemhof and the greater Mamuso areas with potable water.

The capacity of the existing abstraction works is currently 4 Mℓ/day. To ensure that future demand for potable water can be met, the capacity of the treatment works will be increased to 25 Mℓ/day.


The project entailed the study of the available water resources, population and population growth extrapolation and the determination of water demands for the project area until 2030.

The project was a multi- disciplinary engineering project involving process, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering as well as environmental and social sciences.

The project’s major challenge was to install a new raw water intake within the Vaal River to provide a better quality of new water as well as improve flow during low flow periods.

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