Johannesburg Water SOC Ltd
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Spatial Management Information Systems(SMIS)(GIS)

Works Order Management System


During construction, the operational and maintenance requirements of this contract was administered using a Work Order Management System (WOMS). This mobile/web-based tool assists with the management of the retro-fitting process, including work-order compilation, job-card creation, recording of interventions/work done as well as the associated approval and sign-off process under the SIURP contract for Superblock 9. The WOMS seeks to reduce paper-based input.


Initially, a pre-intervention survey was conducted, from which the retro-fitting and associated cost requirements per erf were determined. The collected information is reformatted by the system as a preliminary work-order for the particular erf. This work-order is then entered into an approval process whereby authorised individuals verify the contents of the work-order and associated costing. On approval, a job-card for the erf is generated and is made available to the pertaining plumber/contractor for download. Work is then effected per the job-card and pictures are taken per intervention.
The collected information is automatically uploaded to the WOMS server as a job-card-complete and provides a before/after view of each retro-fitted item.
As before, this submitted job-card-complete enters an approval process whereby, if accepted in totality, the particular job is signed off. Throughout the process, data collection and submission can be monitored from the web interface. Such information can be accessed for automatic generation of progress reports.

Erf history can be viewed from the pre-intervention stage to sign-off and performing or underperforming subcontractors can be identified. Assistance and resource re-allocation can then be applied where necessary

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