29 September 2017

Imbizo 2017

Lidwala had its annual Imbizo from the 25th to the 27th of August at the Kievits Kroon Country Estate.

The Imbizo is held annually in order to provide all the employees with an update on the performance of the Company and to provide feedback in terms of the strategy and direction of the Company.

The gala dinner on the Saturday evening was once again the highlight of the weekend.

The Awards Ceremony, which is held to recognise and appreciate the employees that contributed the most in the year resulted in the following winners in the categories as noted:


Category Winner


Employee of the Year Agnes Ceko
Project of the Year F46 – Pipeline Supervision
Best Progress in the Year Ronel de Bruin
Best Performance on Site Lizwe Sibanda
Sunshine Award Martinique Goliath
Positive Attitude Elijah Muringani
Quality Compliance Ziphelele Lugongolo

Employee of the Year

Project of the Year

Best Progress in the Year

Best performance on Site

Sunshine Award

Positive Attitude  

Quality Compliance